Engly is a community for English learners in Japan to enjoy English.

In Engly, we use English instead of our native language. English learners like you are gathering and having conversations in English.


It is important to use it on a daily basis to get used to English.

Post your thoughts and events of the day in English. By using English little by little, you will develop a "habit of using English".

Hi! What are you doing now?
Hi there! How are you? Couldn't be better! You?

English conversation begins with various people.

When you post something, other learners will talk to you in English. Feel free to post comments. We are sure you'll be happy when you can communicate in English for the first time.

Nice to meet you! I'm studying English at a cafe.

It's okay to make a mistake in English.

Engly is a place where you can practice English. It is neither an English test place nor a place to be evaluated by anyone. Even if you make a mistake in grammar, you will know that you can still communicate with people. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and use it more and more.

Many features useful for beginners.

Engly has many features that support English learning, such as full-text translation, English dictionary, English Phrasebook, Vocabulary Book, and so on.

Pop-up English Dictionary

If you don't understand an English word, you can look it up in the dicrionary with just a tap.


English Phrasebook

You can learn over 2,000 phrases for free in Engly's Phrasebook. It can be used in various situations such as daily English conversation, greetings, self-introduction, travel, shopping, restaurants, customer service, telephone, business, presentations, romance, girls talk, emotional expression, how to apologize and so on.

Easy English Grammar

Engly's Easy English Grammar is organized so that you can easily learn English grammar for conversation. It provides easy-to-understand explanations for beginners, such as the word order when thinking about English and the grammar required when creating expressive sentences.

You can ask questions in Japanese

If you have any questions, you can ask in Japanese. Feel free to ask in Japanese what you are interested in, such as differences in English nuances.

Vocabulary Book

By registering the words and English sentences you want to remember, you can receive push notifications at the right time until you remember them.

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